WP Super Cache

WooCommerce caching plugins helps you optimize speed and performance on your site by storing frequently requested data and improving customer experience.

This is another WooCommerce caching plugin. This plugin helps in generating static HTML files which are shown to users who have not logged in, viewed a password-protected post, or left a comment on-site. This frees load on your servers and also reduces loading time for your customers.

WP Super Cache serves cached files in 3 ways: Expert, Simple, and WP-Cached caching, ranked by speed. It differs in editing PHP files and user roles.

Features List:

  • The preloading feature enables you to cache posts, tags, and categories of your site.
  • Through the Garbage Collection feature, you can delete old cache files by setting up schedules, email notifications, etc.
  • You can also customize caching with the 3 hooks provided.
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