W3 Total Cache

WooCommerce caching plugins helps you optimize speed and performance on your site by storing frequently requested data and improving customer experience.

If you want to optimize your WooCommerce site performance, then this is the plugin for you. W3 Total Cache improves site performance by reducing the loading time, offering CDN integration, and much more. It can handle high-traffic sites with ease by enabling progressive rendering, which starts rendering pages quickly to reduce load time.

It supports mobile websites and SSL certificates. This plugin is also compatible with shared and dedicated hosting services, thus an all-in-one solution for all website types.

Features List:

  • Minification of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and pages.
  • Caches minified and compressed pages, CSS, JavaScript in memory, disk, or CDN.
  • Caches objects, databases, and search results as well.
  • Defer offscreen images with the LazyLoad feature.
  • Speeds up your site and is compatible with themes and plugins.
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