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WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

WooCommerce Product Search plugin provides the best search experience for your customers and enables them to look for their intended products easily. The live search feature shows products and prices as the customer is typing, thus wasting no time. It is also extremely easy to use and setup. Customers can search for products using tagscategoriesattributesrange prices, and much more. Moreover, it also provides insights regarding the most searched products in real-time so that you can base your future marketing strategies accordingly.

Features List:

  • Customers can search for products with keywords, tags, categories, etc.
  • Products and prices are shown as the customer is typing.
  • The search index will automatically add products and change/remove them when this action is carried out in the backend.
  • You can also add thumbnails with products in the live search bar.
  • Provides valuable insights regarding what is trending on your site nowadays.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $49Year
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