Search Bar Ads

This plugin utilizes your default search bar as a promotional tool by adding in custom placeholders and URLs to promote pages on your website. It is compatible with the current search bar and enables you to create as many ads as you want. When the customer clicks on the ad on the search bar, he is directed to the linked URL. Extremely easy to use and works right out-of-the-box.

Features List:

  • You can create multiple ads.
  • Ads do not affect the normal functioning of the search bar such as autocomplete, auto-suggesting, etc.
  • You can track the number of clicks on ads with Google Analytics.
  • You can add placeholders and link URLs in the search bar.
  • When the ad is active, customers will be redirected to the URL.
  • You can easily enable/disable this option and display it on any page.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $9
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