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Turn your WooCommerce store into a marketplace using a WooCommerce product vendors plugin to boost your revenues. 

With this WooCommerce product vendor plugin, you can create a multi-vendor store quickly without any hassle. It also has a self-service, fully integrated dashboard for each vendor. It is also completely compatible with WooCommerce themes. Moreover, you can also charge vendors for a monthly subscription. It has an extensive shipping system as well and enables vendors to set table rates or flat rate shipping.

Features List:

  • Each vendor can customize their storefront and have a unique URL.
  • You can specify individual commission rates globally, per product, or vendor.
  • Admins can also manage discounts and reward vendors based on their performance and sales.
  • Vendors can also enable social proof on their storefront and increase trust.
  • Multiple configuration options.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $249Year
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