Turn your WooCommerce store into a marketplace using a WooCommerce product vendors plugin to boost your revenues. 

Dokan is among the best WooCommerce multi-vendor product marketplace plugin. It is easy to install and sets up your store within 30 minutes. It has an interactive user interface that each vendor can customize according to their needs. It also provides multiple add-ons that are compatible with each other and the existing theme.

Features List:

  • Admins have control over vendor registration, product publishing, and setting up subscription plans.
  • Supports all product types such as physical, downloadable, variable, bookings.
  • Multiple storefront styles are available.
  • Each vendor can manage their products, sales, and withdrawals from the dashboard.
  • Vendors and admins receive detailed reports regarding sales, products, and performance.
  • Vendors can also add coupons and set expiry dates.
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