Spend Time on Your Business. Not Sales Tax.” – this is the slogan for the TaxJar WooCommerce plugin. It is a great WooCommerce extension to manage your sales tax effortlessly. Taxjar extension will calculate the US or Canadian sales tax that is updated monthly. That will reduce your stress on manually updating the tax rate CSVs. This plugin automatically calculates all the sales tax you need to pay to the state or country daily. If you buy a subscription or upgrade to premium plans, TaxJar will automatically file your state sales tax every month or year. With this, you don’t have to keep track of your tax rates and payment dates.

Also, Taxjar offers you a free 30-day trial and it doesn’t ask for your credit card. You don’t have to deal with any contracts in this process. The TaxJar plugin maintains over 10,000 tax rates and it updates all the tax rates regularly. Again, if your business uses eBay or such platforms, the TaxJar plugin is compatible with these also. TaxJar plugin will automatically compile all your tax data from these websites and save it in one place. Indeed, that will reduce a lot of stress.

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Price: $19Month
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