Quaderno is also a great sales tax plugin to keep track of all your sales tax. It helps to real-time sales tax rates in any country you want. Quaderno also follows the local tax laws of your customer that you set in the Quaderno plugin. It has a feature that generates automated tax receipts for each sale that is made from your website. This receipt is available in multiple languages and it shows different currencies according to the customers’ location. Quaderno plugin helps you fill the tax payments of the items sold from your website. It also offers an easy-to-use extensive reporting dashboard.

Also, if you are using several platforms to sell your products, Quaderno has a solution for it as well. It compiles the tax information across all platforms and shows it in one place. You don’t have to worry about the total tax on different platforms anymore. Quaderno plugin is also a very business-friendly plugin. You can track and verify your European Union customers’ VAT numbers by using this plugin. Also, you can send your customers the automatic VAT-exempted invoices.

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