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Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce

With this plugin, you can connect your store with Salesforce CRM in just a few minutes. Benefit from task automation, advanced security, customer management, and much more by using Salesforce CRM. This plugin also helps you by mapping WooCommerce object fields according to Salesforce feeds. Moreover, it automatically captures data as soon as a new customer shop at your store to help in targeted marketing and promotion.

Features List:

  • Integrates WooCommerce with Salesforce.
  • Automatically syncs in new customers and products data.
  • You can also create custom PriceBooks.
  • You can sync data instantly or in real-time.
  • A manual data sync option is also available.
  • Provides a sync log where you can see WooCommerce and Salesforce objects and object ids, and the time of sync.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $129Year
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