Mailchimp is an advanced and easy-to-use marketing platform that enables you to bring together your audience, marketing channels, and insights on a single platform to increase sales and revenue. You can build emails and send them at the right time. It also has audience management tools to segment your customers, create signup forms, and behavioral targeting.

Moreover, Mailchimp also provides you with an easy-to-use email designer to customize your emails or use the premade templates.

Features List:

  • Target customers based on their site activity, purchase history, etc.
  • Advanced customer segmentation tools.
  • Create multiple email flow charts to stay connected with your customers.
  • You can store, sync, and edit files directly on the Mailchimp platform.
  • Get detailed reports regarding marketing campaigns.
  • You can also perform A/B testing and send surveys to customers.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $13Month
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