Event Tickets Plus

Create unlimited events and sell tickets, all within your store with the help of a WooCommerce tickets plugins.

This is a premium version of the WooCommerce Event Tickets plugin. This version consists of custom registration forms, advanced widgets, and much more to manage your ticketing procedure. You can create tickets directly within the WooCommerce dashboard and also manage their price, content, and sales. Moreover, it is responsive on all devices and provides a customizable platform.

Features List:

  • Supported payment gateways are PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.
  • Collect customer information like contact info, t-shirt size, etc.
  • Use shortcodes to place the tickets anywhere on site.
  • Admins can show a countdown of the remaining tickets.
  • You can send confirmation emails to attendees, keeping them updated.
  • Display restricted content to attendees only.
  • Display attendees and increase engagement.
  • Manage ticket sales and attendees reports easily within WordPress.
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