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Best WooCommerce Tickets Plugins for Store Owners

Create unlimited events and sell tickets, all within your store with the help of a WooCommerce tickets plugins.
Last updated on April 16, 2023

overview Overview

Did you know that you can create events and sell tickets on your WooCommerce store with the help of plugins? As you know, WooCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform and provides you tools for selling both physical and digital products. The addition of selling registration or tickets on your store will take it to the next level and also result in a streamlined ticketing operation

WooCommerce tickets plugins offer multiple advanced features and reduce the time and hassle of selling tickets on your store. Although, it is important to keep in mind that a good strategy is also required to effectively sell tickets, such as discounts, upselling and cross-selling, utilizing marketing channels, and much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WooCommerce event tickets plugins and choose which is the best option for your business.

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military_tech List of Best WooCommerce Tickets Plugins

1 Tickets for WooCommerce

With Tickets for WooCommerce, you don’t have to integrate third-party websites to create and manage tickets for events, you can do this all within your site for free. You also save your customers from spending extra money on third-party ticket fees. It enables you to create tickets with the WordPress dashboard and customers can complete the whole process without ever leaving your site. Moreover, you can create custom registration forms, collect information, and manage attendees easily.

2 WooCommerce Box Office

This is another WooCommerce tickets plugin that enables you to create and sell event tickets within your site. It is extremely easy to use and set up. You can offer multiple ticket types to your customers, such as adding different content, dynamic pricing, benefits, stock levels, and much more. It has an intuitive user interface where you can manage inventory and keep track of each ticket type limit and sales.

3 YITH WooCommerce Event Tickets

The Yith WooCommerce Event Tickets streamlines the entire ticketing system, from creating, selling, to check-in. You can add multiple ticket types, add event information, manage inventory, and much more directly from the dashboard. Admins also have the option of dynamically pricing the tickets when inventory is less or the event date is near.

4 Event Tickets Plus

This is a premium version of the WooCommerce Event Tickets plugin. This version consists of custom registration forms, advanced widgets, and much more to manage your ticketing procedure. You can create tickets directly within the WooCommerce dashboard and also manage their price, content, and sales. Moreover, it is responsive on all devices and provides a customizable platform.

5 FooEvents for WooCommerce

This is a powerful WooCommerce tickets plugin that can be set up within minutes. You can manage physical and digital events easily on your site and saving yourself from commission fees to other websites or plugins. It enables you to create unlimited tickets and events. Moreover, it is fully integrated with WooCommerce and WordPress themes. You can also change the terminologies according to your requirements.

6 Eventer

Eventer is another WooCommerce ticket plugin that is filled with amazing features to manage events, collect payments, and enable social sharing. It also has an exclusive custom drag and drop builder where users can add events and manage them. It has a long list of advanced features such as custom registration forms, printable tickets, check-in calendar, Stripe support, and much more.

7 WooCommerce Event Manager

This WooCommerce ticket plugin can be used to create any type of event and manage them easily. It is integrated with WooCommerce and is compatible with multiple payment gateways that make the transaction process easy and streamlined. Moreover, it is responsive on all devices and is also SEO-friendly.

8 WooEvents Pro

WooEvents Pro is another WooCommerce ticket management plugin that enables you to create and sell tickets directly on your site. You can also create custom forms with custom fields and place them on the product page. Moreover, you can add event information like start and end date, organizers, schedule, etc.

9 The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin enables you to create a fully-functional and feature-filled calendar that you can display on your site and give it a professional look. It is easy to use and completely customizable with template tags, template overrides, filters, and hooks. Moreover, it is responsive on all devices and compatible with major themes, such as DiviGenesis, etc.

10 Tickera

Tickera is a WooCommerce tickets plugin that provides you complete control over the process and eliminates the need to give a percentage of the earnings to a third-party site. It is also equipped with a check-in system, called Checkinera, which is available as an app and can be used to check-in attendees easily and quickly. Moreover, it supports 100+ payment gateways and is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce.

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fact_check Wrap-Up

With the above-mentioned WooCommerce tickets plugin, free and premium, you can create and sell tickets on your site easily and without extra third-party fees. Moreover, with advanced features like event location, event reminder via emails, barcode check-in, and much more, the process is streamlined and customer satisfaction is increased

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