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Best WooCommerce Order Status Manager Plugins

By using WooCommerce order status manager plugins, you and your customers will be aware of every stage of the order fulfillment process.
Last updated on April 16, 2023

overview Overview

By default, WooCommerce has a robust order status manager. It helps you filter the orders based on multiple order statuses such as processing, payment pending, completed, and much more. But each store has different requirements, and if you want to add custom order status in your WooCommerce store for better performance and management, we suggest you use one of our chosen best WooCommerce order status manager plugins or extensions. 

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military_tech Best WooCommerce Order Status Manager Plugins

1 WooCommerce Order Status Manager

With this WooCommerce Order Management System, you can edit the existing order statuses provided by WooCommerce. You can also add or remove new order statuses to manage your workflow and personalize it according to your business requirements. The new order statuses can also act as triggers for email notifications sent to customers and admins, so they are aware of the stage of order fulfillment.

2 Custom Order Status for WooCommerce

This WooCommerce order status manager plugin enables you to create custom order statuses and manage them easily. You can also send customized emails to admins and customers for the new statuses created. Moreover, you can even set an order status based on the payment method chosen.

3 YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

This WooCommerce order management system enables you to create unlimited custom order statuses and manage them in an advanced way, from purchase to delivery. You can also make customized labels and set the style, color, and text to differentiate between each step of the process.

4 WooCommerce Order Status Control

By default, in the WooCommerce core plugin, virtual product orders are automatically completed once payment is made. But with the help of this plugin, you can block this function and others and have complete control over your WooCommerce order statuses.

5 Status and Order Tracking

With this WooCommerce order tracking manager plugin, you can track order statuses, provide customer order forms, and sales rep. It’s easy to use and set up. It is also completely customizable and provides multiple options for designing the look of order forms and even updating their functionality. Moreover, you can also add custom fields to your forms.

6 Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders

Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders is completely compatible with WooCommerce and also supports multiple major payment gateways like PayPalStripe, and Sage Pay. As the name suggests, it enables you to automatically complete WooCommerce orders.

7 WooCommerce Order Status Manager by IgniteWoo

This is another WooCommerce order management system extension that enables you to create custom order statuses and assign them to products, individually or in bulk. You can also customize the status name and color and set them as triggers for sending emails to customers and managers.

fact_check Wrap-Up

With WooCommerce order status manager plugins, you have more control over your workflow and can create custom order statuses, something that isn’t possible in WooCommerce itself. It also helps you manage your tasks and timing better. Hope you find a plugin suitable for your business needs.

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