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Best WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugins

Use WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugins to give your customers the option to select their preferred delivery date and time.
Last updated on April 15, 2023

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Do you know what the most dreadful part of an online shopping experience for a customer is? The delivery time. When the delivery time/date exceeds the desired time by the customer, it leads to a negative shopping experience, which often leads to the loss of a customer. To eradicate this issue, you can use WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugins and display the delivery time on your store to improve customer satisfaction. 

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military_tech WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugins

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1 Order Delivery by Themesquad

With this estimated delivery date plugin, customers can choose their preferred delivery date and time to receive their orders. You can also add in other options such as preferred courier service and payment method. This helps in customizing your delivery process and thus leads to customer satisfaction as they have a variety of options to choose from. Admins can also set the minimum order production date and delivery range and the plugin will automatically calculate the suitable time to deliver the order.

2 WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date by PluginHive

This freemium plugin enables you to display estimated delivery dates on the product page, cart page, checkout page, and cart widgets. It offers you to set the estimated delivery dates on various conditions such as shipping methods, zones, and classes.

3 YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date

Give your customers a customized delivery experience by offering them to select their suitable delivery time and date to reduce postponing purchases. You can set a minimum number of days for preparation time so that there is no delay in delivery on your part. You can also set up different shipping services and set different delivery dates for each.

4 Iconic Delivery Slots for WooCommerce

Reduce cart abandonment with this WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin by offering your customers to select their preferred delivery date and time. It has an interactive and modern user interface. You can also set different shipping methods and assign pickup and delivery to them. Moreover, customers can also reserve their delivery spots before they start shopping.

5 Estimated Delivery Date Per Product for WooCommerce

With the help of this plugin, you can display the delivery date and time available which customers can select from. The estimated delivery date can be displayed on the cart, checkout, and product page. You can also restrict certain days and dates for deliveries. It is simple, easy to use, and filled with features.

6 Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

This is a feature-filled WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin that enables you to create delivery schedules based on shipping methods and classes, location, product categories, and much more. Customers can select the “as soon as possible” option to get their deliveries on the first available date. Moreover, you can also send reminders before deliveries.

7 WooCommerce Delivery Date And Time Slots

Completely customize your delivery process and provide ease to your customers and yourself. With this plugin, you can set up business hours, limit orders in a day, enable radius shipping, and much more to reduce cart abandonment and improve customer satisfaction. Your customers can choose the delivery time and date or they can also choose local pickup.

8 Delivery Times for WooCommerce

Delivery Times for WooCommerce is an easy and effective plugin that enables your customers to choose an available time and date for their orders to be delivered. You can also set the pre-order days, delivery prep days, delivery time dates, and much more. You can also customize the label that will be shown on the checkout page.

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fact_check Wrap-Up

Using WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugins can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce cat abandonment. It is a good addition to your checkout page and can create a customized delivery and shipping experience, which is always preferred by customers. 

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