Why is WordPress the Best CMS for Web Development

Last updated on June 27, 2021

You are already aware of the fact that small business owners need a virtual presence to survive in this competitive era. A professional web design can help increase your chances of success significantly. You probably have even heard of many website builders through which you can make your own website for your business. You might even want a website for blogging. WordPress is the best among them all.


Have you heard of WordPress? WordPress is an open source content management system. If you don’t know what an open source content management system is, it means that this system is open to all. A lot of people are busy with this software to make it more user-friendly. As a result, open source content management systems are awfully easy to use. You just end up creating a website in no time! Even if you are lost and do not know what to do, you will find plenty of tutorials on the internet when it comes to creating your own website WordPress. Moreover, WordPress is constantly bringing in updates which further pushes it towards being the best CMS available right now.

It does not matter what sort of website you want to create. You can create anything and everything with WordPress. With the help of right WordPress website builder plugins, you can create the website of your dreams. There are no limitations. You can create one for your business. You can create one for blogging. You can just create a website dedicated to your family! It serves to all sorts of purposes!

WordPress is the best CMS

If you already do not agree that WordPress is the best CMS then after reading this article you will. You will admit to it once you have read all the reasons.  

WordPress is for everyone

If you don’t already know, WordPress is not just for bloggers; it is for everyone. From small businesses to larger business, anyone can make use of this online site builder. You might be confused about WordPress and www.wordpress.com. WordPress is an open source software which you can download from www.wordpress.org. On the other hand, www.wordpress.com is a service which allows you to create personal websites or blogs. The main difference between these two is the source of hosting. With the WordPress software, you get to host your own website. If you’ve had any doubts about it before, this should clarify them.

Since with WordPress you get to host your own website, you can control everything. You are the ultimate decision maker. You can create and manage all of your content. You can design it the way you want. There is no end to what you can do with this software. You can include a lot of plugins. Some of the plugins offered by WordPress are free. This means that choosing WordPress is a good decision, as you get to save money. It would have cost more if you had decided to build a website from scratch.

Every person has a different choice. You do not necessary have to choose one of the pre-existing themes. You can simply create own according to your will and vision. Pre-existing themes can be used as points of reference if you are a beginner.

Many people just know WordPress as a CMS for small businesses or blogs. You will be amazed to hear this but companies like CNN and Vogue are using this software! Yes, WordPress is powerful software. It can take on anything.

SEO friendly

SEO is really important, but a lot of people do not know the significance of it. However, to survive and get your target audience, you need SEO. What is the use of a website if no one is visiting? WordPress is said to be the ruler of content. You get to add your own content. This means the content can be made interesting and SEO friendly easily. You will have to use relevant keywords in your URL to make your website SEO friendly. The coding behind your theme can even be SEO friendly! If you take the help of a WordPress expert, he will hook you up with clean and SEO infused coding.

In addition to that WordPress has thousands of responsive themes. Why do you need your website to be responsive? That is because there are a lot of mobile users these days. If your website does not respond to their demands quickly, they might just move on to another website. Moreover, a responsive website will take you higher on the list of SEO friendly websites on search engines. This is because your website will be accessible by mobile users and search engines will be more likely to display them!

WordPress is secure

WordPress is a safe platform for you to invest in. WordPress has a dedicated team of people behind it to make sure that you are safe from viruses or hacking.

WordPress is free

Yes, you have seen it right. WordPress is free. You do not have to pay anything to install the software. The term “free” here refers to your freedom. You have complete freedom to use this software. You can modify it accordingly. You can build upon the software and use it in any way you like. Of course, there are some features for which you have to pay, for example, CSS modification. For additional powerful features, you have to certain a small amount of money.


WordPress is easy and you do not have to be a tech geek to use it. Since there are thousand pre-existing themes to work with, you can go by without hiring any developer. If you need additional support, you can opt for a WordPress expert. But there is no harm in trying, right? You will not be disappointed. WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS for web development.

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