WooCommerce Amazon Integration – Detailed Guide

Last updated on February 26, 2021

Handling a single eCommerce store on WooCommerce is enough, but expanding our reach to third-party marketplaces might be a bit too much. Managing an eCommerce store requires time, resources, and increased workload, all of which sound tedious. But it also means that we are limiting our sales to a single platform, whereas with the help of WooCommerce Amazon integration plugins, we can achieve a stronghold on one of the strongest marketplaces without the added work. 

Why should we choose Amazon? And does WooCommerce offers the flexibility and ease it would require to manage multiple stores together? There is no doubt that WooCommerce is a completely customizable and flexible platform and its scalability is limited only by our imagination. 

In this article, we will find out the many benefits of WooCommerce and Amazon integration with the help of plugins or manually. Let’s get started!

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Benefits of Being an Amazon Affiliate – The Greatest Marketplace

Woocommerce amazon affiliate benefits

Being an Amazon affiliate can open up many doors for you except for just increasing sales. Let’s discuss these in detail.

1. Larger Audience

It is no surprise that Amazon is the largest and most successful marketplace in the world. More than 50% of Amazon searches result in a sale and their expected revenue in the year 2020 was a whopping 81 billion dollars. Thus, it suffices to say that such traffic and conversion rate is not possible on your WooCommerce store in a short period. Especially for a startup or small business, Amazon is the perfect place to sell its products because of the large built-in audience it provides without investing money in promotion and marketing. You can start selling your products immediately in a market full of guaranteed buyers. Who would not want that?!

2. Additional Features

Amazon affiliate program provides multiple features for WooCommerce integration. Such as the WooCommerce Amazon fulfillment centers can store your products and pack and ship them when they receive an order, further reducing the hassle of managing orders. With Amazon, you can also advertise your product on Facebook, Google Ads, your brand and products, and pay per click. 

Other features include a shipping calculator, price recommendations, and much more.

3. Extra Income Stream

Do you know that more than half of the online consumers check product prices on Amazon first before exploring your website? It’s true and it’s beneficial. This means that you could lose a potential amount of sales if your product is not listed on Amazon. Moreover, it provides an added income stream, which means higher revenue, which is not disliked by anybody! Even though the profit margin will be less due to the seller’s free, an extra income stream could help you grow your business quickly and healthy and generate increased brand awareness.  

4. Customer Trust

Suppose you are new to the eCommerce business, and you have employed multiple marketing techniques to promote your products, do you see the results instantly? No. Building a brand requires time and patience. But with WooCommerce Amazon integration, you can easily earn the trust of their huge amount of customers without any promotions. Thus this increasing customer loyalty and trust will, in turn, increase brand recognition, which is needed for future growth.

5. Added Security

Amazon is a trusted platform and thus it provides security to both the sellers and the customers. In the case of sellers who use Amazon Fulfillment centers, any damage to the package is claimed and reimbursed to Amazon and not the seller itself, as the mistake was done by them. Moreover, all consumer claims are thoroughly investigated to see if they are legit and all inappropriate reviews are also deleted.

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WooCommerce Amazon Integration

Now that you know the benefits of WooCommerce Amazon integration. Let’s see how we can integrate these two platforms from the following 3 methods.

Instead of listing your products on Amazon, you can just use referral links to redirect customers to the Amazon store and earn money. It’s super simple and easy and is being used by thousands of website owners and bloggers. All you have to do is join the Amazon Associates Program, choose the product you want to promote on your site, and click on the “get link” button. And embed that link into your blog or site. Super easy, right?

Moreover, you can get the link for text only, image, or image + text. This type of WooCommerce Amazon integration is beneficial for both platforms as it helps increase sales. 

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2. Incorporate Amazon’s Technology and Logistics

Amazon is not the greatest marketplace in the world for no reason. It provides a seamless shopping experience to its customers and a great managing system for its sellers. For example, the logistics and technical features like payment processing and inventory management are something we all wish we had on our WooCommerce store. Well, the following WooCommerce Amazon plugins can help you with that.  

a. Amazon Pay for WooCommerce

woocommerce amazon integration

With Amazon Pay for WooCommerce, customers can choose their Amazon account to complete their transactions. All you have to do is install the plugin, register for the Amazon Pay account, and then with your Admin Seller Central account, fill in the necessary information and click on “Transfer credentials to WooCommmerce”. 

How is this helpful? Because your customers trust Amazon and would feel more secure using this payment method. It also reduces the hassle and increases sales.

Key Features 
  • Customers can pay using their Amazon account on your website.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Supports recurring payments.
  • Access to Amazon’s fraud protection.
  • Domestic and international transaction charges are applied.

To download, click here

b. WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

woocommerce amazon fulfillment

If I told you, you only need to showcase the products on your site, promote them, and leave the rest of it to Amazon. It would be amazing, right? Well, with WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment, you can do just that. This plugin will automatically pick, pack, ship, and track orders from your WooCommerce store once an order is placed. 

Key Features
  • You can set the fulfillment option for all or selected products.
  • You can track orders easily within your WooCommere store.
  • Compatible with all, domestic and international, Amazon regions.
  • Email notifications are sent when order status changes.
  • Automatically sync stock levels with your WooCommerce store.

To download, click here.  

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3. List Products on Amazon using Plugins

The WooCommerce Amazon integration plugins mentioned below would help list your products on Amazon and take care of logistical and technical operations easily.

a. Amazon Integration For WooCommerce

woocommerce amazon integration

This plugin connects your WooCommerce store to Amazon, thus any changes made by you regarding product quantity, price, etc will be auto-updated on Amazon. Its high-end features make sure that you become a recognized seller on Amazon. 

With this plugin, you can upload bulk products on Amazon, sync inventory in real-time, and manage both stores from a single dashboard.

Key Features 
  • Supports simple and configurable products.
  • Simplifies product upload through the profile and category mapping.
  • You can change prices based on the product profile.
  • You are notified through email if a product is rejected from being listed.

To download, click here

b. Google, Amazon & eBay Integration

woocommerce amazon plugin

This plugin is a multi-channel integration tool that enables you to connect your WooCommerce store with Google, Amazon, and eBay. It offers real-time inventory and pricing synchronization from WooCommerce. You can also run ads, list products, and benefit from multiple resource channels easily.

Key Features
  • You can create new or existing product listings in bulk.
  • Sync product prices, inventory, and details in real-time.
  • Enhanced listing created with auto-categorization.
  • Supports all WooCommerce store currencies.

To download, click here

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Final Words

WooCommerce Amazon integration is a great way to increase resource channels, cater to a larger audience, and increase brand recognition and sales. Listing your products on Amazon can help you become a part of one of the greatest marketplaces in the world. With the help of the above-mentioned WooCommerce Amazon integration plugins, you can either use Amazon’s functionality on your store, list your products on Amazon, or earn money through affiliate marketing. 

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