Top 6 Responsive 3dcart Templates for eCommerce Websites

Last updated on July 5, 2021

3dcart offers dozens of professionally designed free and premium responsive templates.

The platform is trusted and used by around 15,000 online merchants. It offers a wide range of features. 3rd party apps integrations, responsive 3dcart templates, plenty of payment gateways, shipping methods integration, newsletter integration, fraud prevention tools, up-sell, cross-sell, and social media integration are among the few most important features. People also like 3dcart for their great US-based customer support, no transaction fees, and lower monthly costs.

Being able to customize your website’s design can be an important tool for your eCommerce strategy and 3dcart templates allow you to do that. Sometimes minimalistic designs work much better than content-heavy designs, and sometimes content-heavy designs are the winners. You need to find out what your customers prefer. You can use heatmaps to find out which parts of the website’s theme can be improved.

The latest 3dcart responsive templates utilize technology that allows their wide collection of themes to function properly and look great on any device, such as a phone, tablet, or desktop. The design and the layout elements both automatically re-size to the size of the visitor’s screen, which allows for a hassle-free and optimal user experience.

Our List of Top 6 Responsive 3dcart Templates

Having a good design greatly impacts website success. If you’re lost in the sea of eCommerce templates and don’t know which one of the 3dcart templates to pick, here’s our suggestion of the top 6 3dcart responsive templates that can be great for your 3dcart store.

  1. ELLA
  2. Behars
  3. Ap Fashion
  4. Titanium
  5. Mix Store
  6. Leo Baby Responsive


ELLA 3dcart template

If you own a 3dart store and sell online, then this theme can be great for you. You will not have to worry too much about the colors of the background taking your customers’ attention away from the products, as the light color scheme, as well as the simple and flat design of this template, will make your colorful items stand out. That way the background will not be much of a distraction for your customers’ eyes and they will be able to have a peaceful shopping experience.

Navigation options are located at the top and bottom of the screen, which ensures that the customers have a complete user experience without anything else taking up space on their screens.

If you are looking for a 3dcart mobile template this will be a great choice.

For demo, click here.

2. Behars

Behars 3dcart template

This is a theme in an appealing color scheme, it comes with a navigation bar with which the customers can look through the different categories.

This template can be great for a business that sells products such as shoes, suits, belts, leather products, etc. Customers can sort through the available products according to the price, which is something that many of your customers will appreciate. Additionally, this will also make it easy for your customers to sort through the latest deals or the features products so that they don’t miss out on the special offers.

For demo, click here.

4. Titanium

Titanium 3dcart template

As the name implies, this is a perfect theme for you if you sell watches, tech gadgets, or any other technology items. Not only does this come with a homepage slider, but it also comes with a field for newsletter subscriptions and a lot more. You can now easily take your store to the heights of popularity with this theme, as it also gives you the option of displaying the most selling items at the homepage of a website, which will ensure that your top-selling delicious goodness does not go unnoticed. Your business is sure to attract a lot more attention with this theme.

5. Mix Store

Mix Store 3dcart template

This pleasing and simple theme is great for any eCommerce store that sells mixed items. Allowing you to use a whole range of different features, this theme is easy on the eyes and offers a whole range of convenient options for the customers, making it easier for them to both purchase, rate, and share their newly bought stuff with their friends and family. The inclusion of the categories on the top right of the page, also allows the customers to easily browse through the various different types of things that the store has to offer. Additionally, with the option of the newsletter subscription, your customers will always be up to date on all news regarding furniture discounts and other offers.

6. Leo Baby Responsive

Leo Baby Responsive 3dcart template

A 3dcart theme that is great for clothing products, Leo Baby Responsive provides a nice textured green background with nice colored labels and links to direct the customers to other parts of the website. Just like Mix Store, this theme too contains navigable options on the top and bottom of the screen to ensure a complete user experience. But unlike the simplicity of Mix Store, Leo Baby Responsive is much bolder and edgier, which makes this theme stand out from the rest. Although the theme is rather simplistic in general, it is the use of contrasting colors that captures people’s attention and gives the overall store a much more professional look.


No matter what you sell, whether it be clothes, accessories, digital products, food items, etc., there are many 3dcart mobile templates and you are sure to have the right theme for you in your search of eCommerce templates. Their unique e-commerce templates will make your life easier, as they not only look good and are highly functional, but they also provide a whole range of different options which you will be able to implement in order to increase the popularity of your store.

Whether it be an elegant, edgy, bold, rustic, chic, modern, or simplistic theme, you can now be in complete control of the design of your storefront. With the new 3dcart core template engine, the 3dcart premium templates improved a lot and they look much better from the free themes, which used to make some think twice about availing their services.

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