Best WooCommerce Tips to Convert Visitors into Customers

Last updated on February 26, 2021

Opening an eCommerce store might seem easy but it requires constant work and attention to make sure customers visit your site and complete the desired action, this is also known as conversion rate. Conversion rate can be measured by defined actions or goals such as signing up for newsletters, buying a membership, adding products to the cart, etc. Thus, a good conversion rate is necessary to increase your WooCommerce store’s customers.

So how do you increase the conversion rate? There are many ways to optimize your site and attract the visitor’s eye on the first visit, but doing too much can also be your downfall. Thus, we have short-listed the top 10 tips and tricks that you can use to increase conversion rates and sales. 

Why Conversion Rate is Important?

Conversion rate is not only beneficial for increasing sales, but it also reduces the cost you spend on acquiring new customers. It has been estimated that marketing for new customers is costlier than retaining old customers. By increasing the conversion rate, you can reduce acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value. 

This will help in developing trust among your loyal customers, which is a major factor in increasing conversion rates. So without further ado, let’s find out how to convert visitors into buyers. 

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Tips on How to Convert Visitors into Customers

1. Website Design

Use Design to Convert Visitors into Customers

The first thing a visitor will notice about your WooCommerce website is the design and layout of the landing page. It is what will entice your customer to stay and explore your website. Consumers nowadays, trust a site that is clean, free of clutter, and modernized. If your website is unbalanced, filled with links and content, no high-quality images, or clear call-to-action buttons, they will instantly turn back. 

This is your chance to make a good first impression and keep your customers coming back for more. A visually appealing website increases trust and makes you seem authentic. 

Website’s design matters a lot. Choose the best theme for your WooCommerce store.

2. A/B Testing

Evaluate! Evaluate! Evaluate! That’s the advice I would give to all eCommerce website owners. Going with just a single idea or design is never good, it’s important to have options because not everyone thinks like you. Thus A/B testing is very important for optimizing your site. You can perform this testing for every aspect of your website individually. For example, you create two landing pages, 50% of the visitors will be directed to page A while the other 50% will be directed to page B, at the end, you can see which page leads to more conversions. 

Thus you can do this for every page, new plugin, and much more. This also gives you an insight into what your customers want. 

3. Customer Segmentation

How to convert visitors into customers? One of the key techniques to increase sales and conversions is attracting customers through targeted campaigns because with such a vast audience, a single scheme might not work for everyone. Thus, customer segmentation is necessary to divide customers into groups such as age, gender, interests, previous purchases, marital status, etc. 

This helps in forming a better relation and understanding between your customers so you can offer each group unique benefits and incentives to get them on your shop and increase WooCommerce customers. You can easily collect the required information through social media, surveys, emails, etc.  

4. Easy Navigation

This might seem like an obvious tip but is ignored most of the time. When you are designing your WooCommerce site, you need to keep it clean and modern to simplify navigation. When a customer enters your site, most of the time they are just exploring the products you have but some customers come with a clear mind and product they want. By providing advanced search bars and categorizing products, customers can easily search for and find their desired products.

This helps in building a positive user experience and also increasing WooCommerce customers. It is also important that you provide relevant information about your products so customers feel satisfied buying from you.  

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still considered a key player in marketing. It has a proven record of the highest ROI and better than all other forms of marketing, even SEO. The data collected from customer segmentation can be applied here by sending customers targeted emails with personalized messages to form a better relationship.

You can also send promotional emails to customers such as offering them discounts and coupons on products that are similar to their previous purchases or products in their wishlists. 

Email marketing can also be used for remarketing and winning back customers through cart recovery emails. Here you can offer your customers a discount or a deal to get them to complete their purchase.

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6. Social Proof

No matter how much you assure your customers about the quality of your products and services, it all comes down to customer reviews and ratings to get them to trust you. Customer reviews are a form of social proof. Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon that people like to follow the masses and thus anything that is liked or on-trend is sure to be popular.

By enabling different forms of social proof on your website, you can entice customers to purchase. Besides customer reviews, you can show testimonials, trust badges, celebrity endorsements, real-time shopping proof, and much more. 

Social proof is the ultimate way to convert visitors into customers and increase sales and brand awareness. 

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7. Speed Test

How to Convert Visitors into Buyers

Speed is very crucial for any website. It has been estimated that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of your visitors will turn right back, never to return. That’s a huge percentage of conversions that you are missing out on. Thus, it’s important to routinely check your website’s speed, remove any faulty plugins or extensions that are disrupting your performance, and don’t overload your site with unnecessary features and information.

Even a few seconds delay can cost you customers and sales. There are many speed test plugins available to help you check your website and identify areas of delay.

8. Create Urgency

Another tip on how to convert visitors into buyers and increase WooCommerce customers is by creating urgency. This is not a new marketing technique but it works wonders in enticing your customers to purchase from your store. 

Creating urgency means offering your products or services at discounted prices for a limited period, this will create a sense of FOMO in your customers and make them purchase faster before the deal runs out. It is also beneficial to add a countdown timer to give an urgency effect. You can also show exclusivity and scarcity in your products to make them more desirable.  

9. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a great way to convert visitors into buyers as you can offer promotional deals as well as collect customer data. There are many types of pop-ups available such as click popups, exit-intent popups, scroll popups, and much more. Many businesses believe that popups are annoying, and they are not wrong, but they also work. 

For example, the exit-intent popup has a conversion rate of around 7-10%. When a customer is about to leave your page, this popup will take over the entire screen and asks for either email signup, offer a coupon, or something for free. They don’t work all the time but they can engage your customers, which is a plus no matter what.    

10. Content Marketing

Your website is filled with content, be it in the form of blogs, photos, videos, etc. Content is key and it must be high-quality. Content marketing is important for engaging your customers and increasing conversion rates. Through content marketing, you can answer your customer’s queries, notify them about products and their many features. Make sure that the content you produce is consistent with your brand image. 

Producing high-quality content can give you an edge over your competitors, generate more leads, increase trust and authenticity, all of which are crucial for increasing your WooCommerce customers. 

11. Live Chat Support

Increase WooCommerce Sales by Using Live Chat Support

Another way on how to convert visitors into customers is by enabling 24/7 live chat support on your site. A live chat icon will give surety to your customers that expert help or opinion is available in case of any queries. You can either use chatbots to give automated replies when a customer first enters a site or have professionals available 24/7. 

But keep in mind that your live chat support should be efficient and fast in its replies to be effective and increase the conversion rate.  

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Final Words

Every business is different and no one technique works for everyone. The above-mentioned tips on how to convert visitors into customers or to increase WooCommerce customers are a deal-breaker and have sufficient success stories. Even so, every effort should be made to make sure that the techniques are employed properly. It is also beneficial to handle one thing at a time. Increasing conversion rates is an end goal for every eCommerce business and there are many ways you can make it happen. Just be consistent and keep improving your frontend and backend processes to simplify the shopping experience.

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