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YITH Advanced Refund System for WooCommerce

Learn how to manage and process WooCommerce refunds, automatically or manually, and improve the shopping experience.

A solid refund policy is beneficial for your business and helps create a positive shopping experience for customers who were not fully satisfied with your product. With this plugin, you can easily create such a policy and manage it without any hassle. The smoother the return process is for customers, the more positive reviews you will get.

This plugin has tons of features, such as Customers can either refund the whole order or a single product. Moreover, you can also decide to refund the product completely or partially. You can also limit the days within which customers can request a refund.

Features List:

  • You can accept requests and process refunds automatically or manually by admin.
  • You can either refund the complete amount or enter the desired amount manually.
  • Product is restocked automatically after refund.
  • Set a minimum order amount to make the refund applicable.
  • Manage all refunds in a single dashboard by adding icons for orders with refund requests.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $79.99Year
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