WooCommerce Offers

WooCommerce Offers is a make an offer plugin that enables you to add the power of negotiation on your website and improve customer engagement and sales. One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping involves the inability to bargain for a price with a vendor, but with this feature, even that is possible!

With this WooCommerce offer your price plugin, you can add a “Make an Offer” button and a contact form where customers will add in their contact details and offer price. You can also communicate with your customers and accept, decline, or make counteroffers easily.

Features List:

  • Enables you to add a “Make an Offer” button and contact form.
  • It can easily manage and organize your offers in multiple lists of accepted, declined, pending, completed, and countered.
  • You can automatically accept or decline an offer.
  • You can also adjust the settings for each product.
  • The seller and the buyer will receive email notifications regarding any action on the offer.
  • With this plugin, you can also make final offers or give expiry dates with counteroffers.
  • You can also add a coupon in case an offer gets declined.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $59.99
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