WooCommerce Discount Rules

Increase sales and customer loyalty by adding WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers on your store with the help of plugins.

The WooCommerce Discount Rules is the ultimate plugin for your store. It is extremely versatile in its functionality and enables you to create multiple different types of discounts. For example, BOGO deals, fixed cost, percentage, store-wide, user-based, conditional discounts, and much more. There are many ways you can use these discounts individually or in combination to increase sales and customer loyalty. For example, first-order coupons help in converting customers whereas BOGO deals encourage customers to order more.

Features List:

  • Discount types: bulk, store-wide, tiered, attribute-based, cart total, etc.
  • You can also offer free shipping to customers that spend a certain amount.
  • You can also offer discounts based on the customer’s address.
  • Send alerts to your customers when discounts are placed on the cart page.
  • Show a “You Saved” text to your customers at the checkout page and show them how much money they saved.
  • BOGO deals can have products for free or at a percentage discount.
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Price: $59Year
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