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WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export

This WooCommerce export products plugin does exactly what its name suggests. It has simplified the data transfer process by exporting files in a CSV and XML file format. You can either export the data individually or in bulk. It is also easy to send the exported data via email or other servers like FTPHTTP POST, etc.

All processes are completely automated, thus you can leave all the tedious work in background processing. It also lets you create custom formats to personalize the files further.


Features List:

  • Export customers, orders, and coupons in CSV and XML file format.
  • Schedule exports to be sent to emails, FTP, or HTTP POST.
  • Create custom formats by adding new fields, metadata, and values.
  • Export files in bulk.
  • Compatible with Checkout Add-Ons, Local Pickup Plus, etc.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $6.59Month
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