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WooCommerce Conditional Call for Price

Give your customers the ability to call directly for price and information about products while shopping using the WooCommerce Call for Price plugins.

With this plugin, you can increase engagement with your customers and receive feedback and signup information easily by hiding the add to cart button and replacing it with “call for price”. You can enable/disable this option for multiple products with the help of filters.

Features List:

  • Can be applied to all products, services products, varied price range products, out-of-stock products, etc.
  • You can hide the prices and “add to the cart” and “read more” buttons of products.
  • You can display an image or Contact Form 7 on “call for price” products and buttons.
  • Hide add to cart button based on products, categories, and taxonomies.
  • Set minimum/maximum price range.
  • Multilanguage compatibility.
  • Customize button label and text.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $21
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