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WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin by ExtendOns

Add a WooCommerce composite products plugin to your store and give your customers the power to customize their products on-site.

With WooCommerce composite products, you can encourage cross-selling and increase order total and revenue. It simplifies inventory and product management of all components and enables you to categorize components with categories and tags. Moreover, you can set the base price and limit for each component of a product kit.

Features List:

  • Admins can mark specific components mandatory.
  • You can show the components in different layouts such as simple, accordion, and step.
  • You can show the variety in each component and also their price.
  • Admins can also link certain components to each other, marking them as mandatory for completing the product.
  • Charge shipping fee as a whole product or per-item.
  • Apply coupons and discounts.
  • Set min/max quantity and base price of each product component.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $29
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