WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate

The WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate plugin is filled with amazing features. With this plugin, you can import thousands of Amazon products and market them on your website. It also has a new feature called Reports, this provides a detailed overview of your links, clicks, and earnings from different periods.

This plugin also enables you to synchronize 99 Amazon products per minute without any PA API KEYS. It also has a Quick Menu option that enables you to add or empty products from Queue or scroll up or down.

Features List:

  • Synchronize unlimited Amazon Products on your site.
  • Sell Amazon and WooCommerce products together.
  • Import products without any PA API KEYS.
  • The Import Log feature tells you the status of each product imported.
  • Get detailed reports regarding items ordered, items shipped, links, and clicks.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $49
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