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WISDM Product Catalog Manager

This is one of the best WooCommerce product catalog plugins that enables you to hide prices and “Add to Cart” buttons from your WooCommerce store and create an exclusive members-only website. It is the ultimate product catalog plugin and is jam-packed with amazing features.

You can showcase the catalog mode to selected users or guests. The store members can also view the shop and product prices and even purchase them. It is extremely easy to use and setup and does not require any professional help.

Features List:

  • Convert your store into a catalog by hiding prices and “Add to Cart” buttons.
  • Create a members-only store where registered users can shop while unregistered users are shown a catalog.
  • Increase sign-ups by asking customers for their account before showing product details.
  • Create a unique catalog page for each buyer.
  • Add role-based discounts and encourage users to become members.
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