Organic trafficmanagement swiftly and with utmost ease is what that makes SEOPressor plugin a success. It uses the latest technology and incorporates the modern and sophisticated Google algorithms such as Google Panda. LSI keywords are the most essential component nowadays for on-page ranking and this is supported by the plugin.

The app does not only help you with the desired keyword optimizationbut it also helps users with the addition of Rich Snippets in the search engine. Start rating in google search is another popular and very useful feature of the plugin. The plugin eliminates any need to create any unlimited WordPress drafts, as the user could get the updated SEO score by just clicking on the ‘Refresh’ option.

Features List:

  • Prevents unnatural and over-optimization.
  • You can instantly receive alerts about SEO problems and health trends.
  • Define how search engine crawlers navigate your site.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $9Month
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