RightPress Dynamic Pricing

The RightPress Dynamic Pricing plugin for WooCommerce helps you create rules for a single product, grouped products, or categories. It enables you to add discounts, deals, tiered pricing, bulk pricing, and much more. You can also set discounts based on user roles and increase customer loyalty.

You can also set cart discounts, this enables customers to see their savings immediately without applying any coupons. This plugin is compatible with conditional logic regarding cart properties, products, items in carts, customers’ shipping address, date, time, and much more. You can also combine all these categories and set discounts in any way possible.

Features List:

  • Enable simple adjustments, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, BOGO deals, variable products, and much more.
  • Apply cart discounts that eradicate the hassle of adding a coupon code.
  • Enables conditional logic on multiple categories such as products, items in cart, user roles, etc.
  • WooCommerce Checkout Fee features allow you to charge customers extra according to the details of the order, for e.g the shipping address.
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