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Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

Easily manage redirects on your site with the best WordPress redirect plugins and save your customers from the inconvenience.

This one is a very popular plugin with more than 200,000 recorded users so far. The functionality is quite smooth and easy which splits into two different categories, which are given as follows:

  • Individual Redirects:– These are quite straightforward to use with no need for an existing post or page. You just need to enter the URL (request) and the destination URL and the rest would be handled automatically by the tool. This approach is good with fixing the incorrect permalinks, issues with the content that has been moved, and also the updated URLs.
  • Quick Redirects:– This option is for the already existing content on the website. It would add a Meta box over the post (edit) screen and that would allow you to specify the desired redirect type and its location.
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