Mix And Match Products

With Mix and Match Products plugin, you can easily entice your customers to go for bulk orders. This plugin mainly focuses on bulk orders and has all features related to it. This plugin helps you create an assortment of items that are related to each other and sell them in a bundle. You can also set the limit of products that can be added to the bundle along with the related products that the customer will choose from.

Moreover, customers have complete control over the product type and quantity. Customers can also customize it by choosing preferable attributes of the products. It is one of the best WooCommerce product bundles plugins.

Features List:

  • Assembled products can be shipped separately or together as a bundle.
  • This plugin also takes care of inventory and each assorted bundle is stock-managed.
  • Premade templates available for displaying assorted bundles.
  • These templates are also customizable.
  • You can show the price of each product separately or the total sum of the bundle.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $89Year
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