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Distance Based Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce

With WooCommerce distance rate shipping plugins, you can set shipping rates based on travel distance to your customers' address.

This plugin is useful for websites that do not have real-time shipping rates available. Thus, with this plugin, admins can set a base unit price per kilometer or miles and the plugin will automatically calculate the shipping charges based on the distance from your store to the customer’s address. It can also be used for multiple shipping services.

Features List:

  • Admins can create unlimited shipping profiles for each product or group of products.
  • You can also define the shopping zones for each profile.
  • You can also define the shipping origin for each profile and choose from proximity-to-ship if more than one origin is shown.
  • Set shipping methods based on dimensions and weight.
  • Distance is measured in kilometers or miles.
  • Set minimum and maximum value for each shipping method.
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Price: $5Month
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