Chained Products

WooCommerce Chained Products is one of the best plugins available to increase your sales and improve the customer shopping experience. This plugin enables you to link child products to the parent or main product and when the customer selects the parent product, the linked products are automatically added.

Now, how this plugin helps us increase sales? Because you can offer discounts, you reduce the decision-making time for customers and ultimately provide them with a good shopping experience by giving them options for gifts, giveaways, etc.

Features List:

  • Automatically adds linked products to the cart when the main product is selected by the customer.
  • The bundles are pre-configured by the seller and thus no changes can be made by the customer.
  • Product inventory is managed separately for each product.
  • It also auto-updates chained products in past orders if any changes are made by the seller currently.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • Extremely easy to use and does not affect your website’s performance
  • Create BOGO deals and offer discounts.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $6.59Month
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