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Buy Again for WooCommerce

Improve your site's shopping experience by adding reorder functionality to your store easily with the help of WooCommerce repeat order plugins.

There are many reasons why customers would want to re-order products from your site. Now, although WooCommerce provides this feature by default, it is not convenient in terms of shopping. For example, what if your customers only want to reorder a few items from their previous or selected order, that is not possible without the help of this plugin. Moreover, it also shows a link in a single product page if the product was previously bought by the customer.

Features List:

  • Display a “Buy Again” section in the “My Account” page, with add to cart buttons in front of all products that were previously bought by the customer.
  • Customers can select items they want to reorder.
  • Also adds the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons on the order details page.
  • Displays a notice on the product page if it has been previously ordered by the customer.
$ Premium Extension
Price: $49Year
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