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Best WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugins for Your Store

Enable quick order forms on you WooCommerce store with the help of these plugins and offer your customers to easily buy in bulk/wholesale.
Last updated on April 16, 2023

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What if your customers are in a hurry? Or they don’t want to browse your whole site? Or they want to buy products in bulk? Don’t fret! WooCommerce provides quick bulk/wholesale order form plugins for all these scenarios. 

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform with multiple options for bulk/wholesale and quick order forms. These plugin features vary from changing the layout of the product display to adding a quick buy now button on each product page. Thus, whatever the case may be, these plugins help you quicken the order and checkout process and provide your customers with what they need in less time. So without further ado, let’s check out the top 8 WooCommerce quick order form plugins.

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military_tech Best WooCommerce Quick Order Form Plugins

1 Quick Order for WooCommerce

Quick Order for WooCommerce plugin is great for wholesale suppliers as it helps you create special order forms for bulk orders and save time. It is a lightweight and powerful plugin that is user-friendly. Moreover, users only need to search for their desired products, mention the quantity, and add them to the cart, all from a single page.

2 WooCommerce Quick/Bulk Order Form

This is a simple yet powerful WooCommerce bulk order form. It enables you to set up a quick/bulk order form on your site with the shortcode [wcbulkorder]. It is also completely customizable and comes with 4 different search label output formats.

3 Wholesale Order Form Plugin for WooCommerce

With this WooCommerce wholesale order form plugin, you can create a one-page checkout system for your customers and enable quick and easy buying. It has an intuitive user interface that is responsive on all devices. Moreover, you can create a one-page product catalog that is searchable and can be categorized as well.

4 WooCommerce Quick Order Forms by IgniteWoo

This WooCommerce quick order form is useful for bulk and wholesale orders. It enables you to create a one-page order form where customers can easily search for products, set quantity, and add to cart to checkout, all without reloading pages. Moreover, it is mobile responsive and supports all types of products.

5 B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce

With this WooCommerce wholesale order form plugin, you can reduce the steps required to place a bulk order and save time. It automates and simplifies the process for you and your customers. The advanced search box allows you to quickly search for products by auto-complete and also displays thumbnail images along with descriptions.

6 Rapid Order for WooCommerce

This is a feature-filled WooCommerce order form plugin that makes it easy for your customers to buy in bulk or multiple different items together without going back and forth. It changes the conventional product display into a product catalog with the live search so customers can easily find the products they are looking for.

7 WooCommerce Quick Order by WeLaunch

The WooCommerce Quick Order plugin converts your site into an order table of all products or specific categories. Customers can easily search for products using the product name and SKU. Users can also export tables from the site in multiple formats. Moreover, it has advanced filtering functionality.

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fact_check Wrap-Up

By converting your site into an order form, you can cater to wholesale and bulk orders quickly and easily. It also provides an ease to your customers as they don’t waste their time going back and forth and can add multiple products to the cart from a one-page order form. The above-mentioned WooCommerce order form plugins can easily add this functionality to your site and also improve B2B relations

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